Forcing Trump to Resign?

Interesting if true.

The Palmer Report just released an interesting opinion piece.

To summarize, he is saying some Democrats have hatched a plan to sue Trump over his conflicts of interests. This would allow them to subpoena his financial records, which he wants to keep hidden. If they are successful, Trump will have to release records that will paint him in a terrible light, or resign in order to keep them hidden. A very nice rock and a hard place!



Wow. I just watched the movie version 1984 for the first time in a long time, probably since the 80s. Man is that a disturbing film, even more so than the first time I saw it. It really resonates in the post-fact era, and I urge everyone to rewatch it. The decision to turn your back on the truth is a conscious one, justified by your belief in a “higher” morality. Somehow you have managed to convince yourself that treating other people with humanity is a goal that should be superseded by (choose 1 or more from the menu: national security, law and order, jobs, the economy, God, states rights, the war on terror, the flag, patriotism, preserving the white race or culture, etc.). When you decide that treating people and the Truth with respect and honesty needs to be abridged for ANY reason, you, friend, are the villain. And that means I have one question for you conservatives: how do you live with yourselves?

Stupid Meme

This meme appeared on Facebook page for something called National Liberty Federation, a page that specializes in racist, misleading, and outright stupid images.


That is a stupid meme on many levels. First, government doesn’t educate our children. Schools do, and they are run locally. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with having educational standards so some districts can’t decide to teach that the Earth is flat and history never happened. Third, by facilitating public education, our society could in no better way invest in our future. An educated citizenry is the most valuable resource any civilization will ever have.


Why are all you racists offended by the acknowledgement that the United States of America (that’s us) enslaved blacks for nearly a hundred years and then for another hundred years held blacks down, oppressed them, and ensured that they were an underclass with no chance to improve their lives or the lives of their children. And now that blacks are achieving political equality, you throw your hands up and say the nation bears no responsibility for the economic disadvantage it imposed on them? What kind of twisted morality is that?

I’m not racist!

A woman on Facebook tried to prove that she wasn’t racist (on a page filled with racist anti-Obama memes) because she had a black boyfriend. My response:

I’m not interested in your credentials. I’m simply mocking you and every follower of this page for what you know in your ‘ittle-bitty soul has been vile, mean, petty, and racist epithets and memes directed toward Obama and his family. You really want me to start digging up the various “ape in heels” comments? You associate yourself with racists, so I don’t give a dime who your boyfriend is. You truck with foul people and that makes you their ilk.


Heaven Cent

I stumbled across a fascinating concept today. No where in the Bible–ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE–does it say we go to “heaven” when we die.

Christian preachers and priests are advertising a promise that neither God nor the Bible ever made.

Now, John 3:16 promises everlasting life, but what does that mean? Obviously it does not mean physical immortality since pretty much everyone who has ever lived has also eventually died, Highlander movies and tv series notwithstanding.

Logically, then, it must mean everlasting life of the soul. But the Bible never confirms this. Check it out yourself. The closest it comes is a far reaching metaphor in John 14:2, which says “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” That’s it? That’s what 2000 years of Christians have pinned their hopes on? It doesn’t even really say anything.

Take this, and the fact that there is in fact no contemporary original evidence that Jesus ever existed, and what you get may be the biggest con job in history. Bigger even than the Mormons and Scientologists!!!

States Rights

Throughout the history of the United States the assertion of states’ rights has boiled down to one element: a state’s right to treat its own people like shit without interference by the federal government. As far as I know, no state has yet taken up arms, literally or figuratively, for the right to treat its citizens better, to improve working conditions, wages, or access to health care. No. The only right that states have ever proven that they are willing to kill for is the right to enslave their own citizens.