Wow. I just watched the movie version 1984 for the first time in a long time, probably since the 80s. Man is that a disturbing film, even more so than the first time I saw it. It really resonates in the post-fact era, and I urge everyone to rewatch it. The decision to turn your back on the truth is a conscious one, justified by your belief in a “higher” morality. Somehow you have managed to convince yourself that treating other people with humanity is a goal that should be superseded by (choose 1 or more from the menu: national security, law and order, jobs, the economy, God, states rights, the war on terror, the flag, patriotism, preserving the white race or culture, etc.). When you decide that treating people and the Truth with respect and honesty needs to be abridged for ANY reason, you, friend, are the villain. And that means I have one question for you conservatives: how do you live with yourselves?


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